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Where will we get the substitution material?

What other possibilities for substitution for commodity x?

What are possible substitutes for material x in product y and how will this influence the environmental impacts of the product?

Criticality of mineral raw materials - Documentation
Role: Get a review of the criteria that make some mineral raw materials critical.
Strategic, critical, high-tech, rare, and minor metals - Documentation
Role: Get information on the concepts of strategic, critical, high-tech metals, etc., or minerals which are sometimes used interchangeably.
Substitution: the CRM_InnoNet vision - Documentation
Role: Get information on the concept of substitution in the context of the supply of raw materials.
Mineral deposits groups and types - Documentation
Role: Get information on the different types of mineral deposits and their classification(s).
Major metals and their companion metals metallogeny. The so-called ‘by-products’ - Documentation
Role: Get information on the co- and by-products associated with major metals within mineral deposits.
2D Predictivity Mapping - MethodsAndTools
Role: Get information on how to proceed to predict new resources (spatial approach).
Three-part quantitative assessment method - MethodsAndTools
Role: Get information on the USGS method related to quantitative assessments of undiscovered resources.
Critical Raw Material List - 2011 - Legislation
Role: Although raw materials are essential for the EU economy, growth and jobs their availability is increasingly under pressure. Within the framework of the EU Raw Materials Initiative, it was decided to assess a number of raw materials at least every three years with a view to establish a list of raw materials at EU level that are deemed critical. Get the official list of commodities defined as critical by the EC in 2011.
Critical Raw Materials List - 2014 - Legislation
Role: Get the official list of commodities defined as critical by the EC in 2014.
Critical Raw Materials List - 2017 - Legislation
Role: Get the official list of commodities defined as critical by the EC in 2017.
DERA Report 2016: Rohstoffe fur Zukunftstechnologien 2016 - ArticlesAndReports
Role: Get access to some scenarios: in this revision paper ‘Raw materials for Emerging technologies 2016’, 42 technologies were considered in total, of which 32 were updated and 10 newly selected. Based on these analyses, scenarios were constructuted of the raw material demand for these technologies in the year 2035.
Substitution of critical raw materials in low-carbon technologies - ArticlesAndReports
Role: Pavel C., Marmier A., Alves Dias P., Blagoeva D., Tzimas E., Schüler D., Schleicher T., Jenseit W., Degreif S.,, Buchert M. (2016). Substitution of critical raw materials in low-carbon technologies: lighting, wind turbines and electric vehicles.
Critical Raw Materials Innovation Network (CRM_Innonet) - Substitution of Critical Raw Materials - Data
Role: Securing availability and access to critical raw materials constitutes a strategic objective for the EU political and economic agenda - Collection of reports.
Critical Raw Materials Substitution Profiles [2015] (CRM_InnoNet) - Data
Role: Get information on Critical Raw Materials Substitution Profiles (Tercero Espinoza, Hummen et al., 2015). Based on the CRM_InnoNet Project which is a collaborative project facilitating networking and delivering European roadmaps on the topic of substitution of critical raw materials. Substitution is one strategy that can reduce the reliance of a company, sector or economy on imported critical raw materials.
International Raw Materials Observatory (INTRAW) - Data
Role: The EU-funded INTRAW project has been set up to map and develop new cooperation opportunities related to raw materials between the EU and other technologically advanced countries, such as Australia, Canada, Japan, South Africa and the United States, addressing: 1.Research and innovation. 2.Raw materials polices and strategies. 3.Joint educational and skills programmes. 4.Data reporting systems. 5.Licensing and permitting procedures, royalties and tax polices. 6.Exploration, extraction, processing and recycling practices. 7.Management and substitution of critical raw materials.
PROMETIA project results and deliverables - Data
Role: Get access to a series of reports (deliverablse) from the PROMETIA project, these focus on 5 refractory metals (W, Ta, Re, Mo and Nb). The reports map both primary and secondary resources in the EU, they also cover substitution, processing, recovery and the value chain for these metals.
Scrreen - Data
Role: This is the website of the EU ‘SCRREEN’ project. This began in December 2016 and has yet to report. This has the objectives of establishing an EU Expert Network that covers the whole value chain for present and future critical raw materials. This network will be set up as a permanent forum for policy-makers, industry and society who are interested or are involved in raw materials. SCRREEN will look into approaches that ensure the viability and sustainability of the network after the project ends to make it a long-lasting structure. The study will analyse pathways and barriers for innovation, and identify the solutions for overcoming these barriers. These should enable technology breakthroughs, substitution options, new resources (primary, secondary, urban mines) etc. The regulatory, policy and economic framework will also be studied for the development of these technologies; identify related gaps/barriers and limitations; and propose ways to move forward, while looking at end of life issues, especially for waste electrical and electronic equipment or waste batteries. The objective is to lift barriers and ultimately boost the creation of new markets in Europe, inducing job and wealth creation.
ProMine portal - Portal
Role: Get detailed data related to mineral- and ore deposits in Europe.
EU-MKDP: European Union Minerals Knowledge Data Platform - Portal
Role: Get detailed data related to mineral- and ore deposits in Europe.
USGS MRDS - Portal
Role: USGS MRDS (Mineral Resources Data System) describes metallic and nonmetallic mineral resources throughout the world. Included are deposit name, location, commodity, and references. Some records include deposit description, geologic characteristics, production, reserves, and resources. It includes the original MRDS and MAS/MILS data.
SNL Metals & Mining - Portal
Role: Get access to data related to worldwide exploration, development and production to strategic planning and acquisitions activity (commercial site – fee payable access).