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Where will we get the substitution material?

What other possibilities for substitution for commodity x?

What are possible substitutes for material x in product y and how will this influence the environmental impacts of the product?

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) - MethodsAndTools
Role: Description of the method of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). A synthetic and didactic presentation by the MICA project.
Potential of life cycle assessment for supporting the management of critical raw materials - ArticlesAndReports
Role: The security of the supply of resources is a key policy and business concern. This concern has been increasingly addressed by bodies such as the European Commission to help identify materials of potential concern in terms of economic importance and supply risks. Equally, tools such as life cycle assessment (LCA) systematically compile inventories of the resources attributable to the supply of goods and services. Such well-established tools, hence, provide an important opportunity for business and governments for strategic management and for identifying improvement options that reduce reliance on so-called critical raw materials (CRMs). This paper explores current practice and the potential of LCA to help business and governments more systematically assess their supply chains.
Characterization of raw materials based on supply risk indicators for Europe - ArticlesAndReports
Role: The concept of “resource criticality” has recently emerged as a policy priority and research subject, usually referred to the risk of supply disruption for mineral resources, due to economic and geopolitical reasons. Different methodologies for assessing critical raw materials (CRM) have been developed in governmental and research contexts, and the possibility of including the resource security aspect in life cycle assessment (LCA) has been claimed by different authors. The present paper aims at integrating CRM considerations in LCA in order to address socio-economic and strategic aspects related to resource use.
What are the possibilities of substitution for a given commodity and from where will we get the substitution material? - MethodsAndTools
Role: After briefly recalling what criticality is, which raw materials have been identified as critical for the EU presently and what could be the evolution up to 2035 , this flowSheet brings information from different sources - among which the Critical Raw Materials Innovation Network (CRM_InnoNet) - on what substitution is, and the strategies to implement. Then, different data platforms able to answer the question ‘where to find the substitution material?’ in the EU, or in the World, are presented. Finally, two methodologies related to the prediction of new resources (respectively spatial and quantitative) are explained.