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How will the future supply and demand of future raw materials develop?

Supply risk, an overview - MethodsAndTools
Role: Get an insight on how the concept of “resource criticality” has recently emerged as a policy priority and research subject, usually referred to the risk of supply disruption for mineral resources, due to economic and geopolitical reasons.
Raw Materials Foresight Guide - Documentation
Role: This Factsheet summarises the MICA Project Deliverable 5.5 “Raw Materials Foresight Guide”
Mineral deposits groups and types - Documentation
Role: Get information on the different types of mineral deposits and their classification(s).
Major metals and their companion metals metallogeny. The so-called ‘by-products’ - Documentation
Role: Get information on the co- and by-products associated with major metals within mineral deposits.
2D Predictivity Mapping - MethodsAndTools
Role: Get information on how to proceed to predict new resources (spatial approach).
Three-part quantitative assessment method - MethodsAndTools
Role: Get information on the USGS method related to quantitative assessments of undiscovered resources.
DERA Report 2016: Rohstoffe fur Zukunftstechnologien 2016 - ArticlesAndReports
Role: Get access to some scenarios: in this revision paper ‘Raw materials for Emerging technologies 2016’, 42 technologies were considered in total, of which 32 were updated and 10 newly selected. Based on these analyses, scenarios were constructuted of the raw material demand for these technologies in the year 2035.
The VERAM H2020 project: looking toward 2050… - Documentation
Role: VERAM looks to the future economic development of the European Union (EU) and will deliver a long-term 2050 vision and roadmap to achieve economic growth and restructuring and technological leadership along relevant value chains. The main objectives of the VERAM project in the area of raw materials research and innovation are: 1. Facilitate information exchange, overcome fragmentation and promote cross-fertilization, 2. Produce a 2030 medium term Vision and a 2050 long term Strategic Research & Innovation Roadmap and 3. Support innovations by speeding up and facilitating industrial exploitation of research results…
Critical Metals in the Path towards the Decarbonisation of the EU Energy Sector - ArticlesAndReports
Role: Moss R.L., Tzimas E., Willis P., Arendorf J., Tercero Espinoza L. et al. (2013). Critical Metals in the Path towards the Decarbonisation of the EU Energy Sector. Assessing Rare Metals as Supply-Chain Bottlenecks in Low-Carbon Energy Technologies.
Minerals4EU Foresight Studies - ArticlesAndReports
Role: The EU-FP7 Minerals4EU project published several foresight studies whic are public and available on its European Union Minerals Knowledge Data Platform (the EU-MKDP - This includes: (1) Foresight Study- Topic Report I: European Raw Material Potential, (2) Foresight Study- Thematic Report II: Legislative and governmental challenges with regard to European mineral raw material deposits, (3) Foresight Study- Thematic Report III: Societal challenges of mineral raw material deposits accessibility, (4) Foresight study- Thematic Report IV: Secondary Raw Materials (Including Mine Wastes) and (5) Foresight Study- Thematic Report V: Developments on the raw material markets. Several case studies are also available at
ProMine portal - Portal
Role: Get detailed data related to mineral- and ore deposits in Europe.
EU-MKDP: European Union Minerals Knowledge Data Platform - Portal
Role: Get detailed data related to mineral- and ore deposits in Europe.
USGS MRDS - Portal
Role: USGS MRDS (Mineral Resources Data System) describes metallic and nonmetallic mineral resources throughout the world. Included are deposit name, location, commodity, and references. Some records include deposit description, geologic characteristics, production, reserves, and resources. It includes the original MRDS and MAS/MILS data.
SNL Metals & Mining - Portal
Role: Get access to data related to worldwide exploration, development and production to strategic planning and acquisitions activity (commercial site – fee payable access).